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I’ve been a Production Coordinator/Production Manager for the past 10 years working with commercial branded video content such as lifestyle, tech, and motoring in the publishing industry.
I have worked in tv advertising and digital content so, I have a very good understanding of the different requirements across all digital platforms.

I've been playing an instrumental role in video production in fast-paced environments for most of my career, managing teams and prioritizing tasks efficiently. 

I’m used to regularly managing budgets, tracking costs, processing expenses, and invoices, hiring crew, scouting locations, booking talent, and creating production paperwork while dealing with time constraints, tight deadlines, and managing comms with multiple stakeholders.

I always give 100% making sure all projects run smoothly with the least stress for those involved, keeping the team focused, happy, and on track. I’m always ready to inspire and motivate everyone I work with. 

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